Paul Jalbert in 1944

From New Jersey to Quebec

When Paul Jalbert took the train to New York on business, he had no idea how significant the trip would turn out to be. After seeing Krispy Kernels peanuts bags on a shelf in a store, he decides to take a little detour and visit the Newark, New Jersey company behind these delicious products. Paul obtains the exclusive distribution rights for Krispy Kernels peanuts in Canada, which he begins selling through his already well-established newspaper distribution network.


First processing factory in 1951

First plant

The decision to open a processing plant in Quebec City is obvious at a time when sales are so successful in Quebec.


Nut display in 1953

A 100% Canadian company

Paul Jalbert buys back the shares of his American partner. Krispy Kernels becomes a 100% Canadian company. The old logo featuring two Confederate Army colonels of the Civil War era is replaced by the one with the little boy we know and love, which has become company’s hallmark.


Original packaging of Yum Yum chips in 1959

The family expands

Paul Jalbert seizes the opportunity to expand the product range he offers through his distribution network and acquires Yum Yum Chips, a company founded three years earlier in Laurierville by the Bergeron family.


Denis Jalbert, new chief executive in 1970

Passing the baton

Denis, Paul's eldest son, follows in his father's footsteps and takes on the role of CEO. He becomes the company's sole owner in 1990.


A third generation of enthusiasts

The time is ripe for the third generation to get involved. Two of Denis' four daughters, Renée-Maude and Valérie, join the family business. Having grown up snacking on company products and driven by their grandfather and father's determination and passion, they quickly learn that no compromises should be made when you want to offer only the very best product.


Women of substance

In early 2013, Valérie becomes President and CEO, supported by her sister Renée-Maude in the role of Marketing Director. That same year, Paul Jalbert passes away at the age of 94, completely at peace knowing that the legacy he has taken a lifetime to build will survive for generations to come.

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