We are designer of snacks

Aliments Krispy Kernels is a 100% Quebec-based, third-generation family business that specializes in processing and distributing delicious snacks such as nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, seeds, chips and snacks. The company markets more than 300 products under the Krispy Kernels, Yum Yum, Viva and State Line brands.


Our corporate values

Our values embody the fun and playful side of the products we produce. They set up the ground rules that guide each of our actions and decisions and ensure we achieve our goals in a congenial atmosphere, where the pleasure our products elicit informs everything we do.

We leverage passion, creativity and agility every day and strive for excellence in everything we do, to surpass ourselves, perform well and stand out from the competition. We rely on our employees' talent, commitment and flexibility to make a positive difference and ensure our continued success.

AUTHENTICITYWe put all our cards on the table
We're committed to honest cooperative relationships, which makes us an open, supportive and diligent team. We’re also dedicated to maintaining a tradition of quality based on authentic products and recipes. We love sharing the passion for good taste that has made us famous.

INTEGRITYWe play fair.
We respect people, their opinions and differences and our commitments to our team members. We listen to our partners, customers and consumers and ensure their full satisfaction by being mindful of our social responsibilities. We never compromise on the security and quality of our products or business practices.

PLEASUREWe play for the fun of it.
We care about the well-being of our colleagues. That’s why we strive to create a harmonious and productive environment. We work in a friendly atmosphere and together we celebrate our victories, both big and small. Contributing daily to life’s little gourmet pleasures is what inspires and delights us.

Our pledge of quality

Krispy Kernels travels the world to harvest nuts from the best producers on the market. Quality is our absolute priority and an integral part of Krispy Kernels' corporate culture. Using top-quality ingredients, we apply rigorous controls throughout the processing process to ensure that we always deliver the same great taste, crunchy texture and guaranteed freshness that has made our reputation.

Crunch. Go nuts. For these products…


Natural 225g

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Peanuts and more

BBQ 60g

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Salted 225g

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Cocktail mix

Tex Mex 60g

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Dried fruits and nuts

Vitality 250g

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Salted Sunflower seeds 200g

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