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Are peanuts nuts?

Peanuts are oilseeds that ripen under the ground. They are for that matter harvested the same way as potatoes. Although peanuts are popularly believed to be nuts, in reality they are legumes in the same way as beans, peas and soy. Originally, peanuts came from South America, where they were grown already 3,000 years B.C. Throughout the centuries that followed since then, peanuts have played an important role in culinary traditions in a large number of countries all over the world.

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The Peanut Bureau of Canada – http://www.peanutbureau.ca

Which foods are recognised as allergens?

The main everyday foods that can bring about food allergies are milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, fish, seafood (mollusks and crustaceans), wheat and soy.

Association québécoise des allergies alimentaires (Quebec Food Allergies Association)


Where do Krispy Kernels peanuts come from?

All our peanuts are 100% from the United States of America, the country recognised as the producer of the best quality peanuts in the world

Are dried fruits sweeter than fresh ones?

Dehydrating fruits reduces their water content by about one third, which gives the impression that they are sweeter than their fresh counterparts. In reality, dried fruits contain the same amount of sugar as fresh fruits, but in dried fruits the sugar is much more concentrated. They are therefore calorically denser, but the same applies to their vitamin and mineral content.

Are peanuts antioxidants?

Yes. The peanut has a TAC (Total Antioxidant Capacity) of 1,171 ?mol/37 g.

What is the glycemic load of the peanut?

37 g of peanuts has a glycemic load of 1. 

Where do cashew nuts grow?

In cashew trees, which are tropical in nature. The cashew is a cousin of the mango and the pistachio. It is native to Brazil, but it is now also grown in Vietnam, Nigeria, Africa and India. 

Where do pecans grow?

In pecan trees, which are beautiful and grow in abundance in the United States. Pecans are cultivated intensively in the Southern United States, where they are native.

Why do nuts grow stale or turn rancid?

Due to their high fat content, nuts grow stale or turn rancid rapidly. Heat, light and humidity precipitate their deterioration. Keep them in hermetically-sealed containers, in a cool place, away from light.

Where do cranberries grow?

In perennial plants also called cranberries, shrubs that grow in cranberry bogs or cranberry marshes in cold regions. They grow in peat soils, which are soaked with water. Main producers include Quebec (2nd producer worldwide), the United States, Argentina and Chili.